TinySpell 1.9.10


TinySpell 1.9.10 Portable | 5.57 MB

FotoSketcher 1.96

FotoSketcher 1.96 PORTABLE | 5.17 MB

Turn your photos into beautiful paintings, sketches or drawings in seconds.
FotoSketcher is a 100% free program which can help you convert your digital photos into art, automatically. If you want to turn a portrait, the photograph of your house or a beautiful landscape into a painting, a sketch or a drawing then look no further, FotoSketcher will do the job in just a few seconds.

KeyPass Enterprise Edition v4.9.3 Portable

KeyPass Enterprise Edition is a versatile password manager that types your passwords for you! Unlike other password managers that requires tedious cut-and-paste or drag-and-drop operations to enter your passwords, KeyPass types the passwords for you when a user-defined "hot key" is pressed. As such, it works with any browser or application, including web browsers, terminal emulators and corporate services. You are not limited to Internet Explorer alone!

KeyPass stores all your sensitive information in an encrypted database. The information is encrypted using 448-bit blowfish algorithm and a master password is required to unlock the information in the database. You can be sure that only you have access to secret information such as passwords, credit card numbers, PIN numbers and sensitive documents.

A.I.O USB Utilities Tools 2010 V2

A.I.O USB Utilities Tools 2010 V2 | 37.13 MB

All Software are latest versions:
  1. Flash Boot V1.4
  2. USB Disk Security 5
  3. USB Trace
  4. Win SETUP From USB 1.1
  5. Urescue
  6. USB Firewall 1.1.3
  7. USB Stick Locker
  8. USB AntiVirus 2.3
  9. USB Disk Eject

50 Funny Computer Pranks AIO


Full description of each prank and how to stop it is included.

Add/Remove Programs – Absolute Uninstaller

Absolute Uninstaller is a Free Utility that can be used to manage installed programs.The Add/Remove program utility that ships with Windows does not fully uninstall applications, leaving unnecessary files behind and program entries in your registry which can eventually impact your computers performance causing your PC to become slower. Absolute Uninstaller utilizes an Uninstall Manager that attempts to completely remove programs, their registry entries and any files left behind to help maintain your computers performance.

How to make Absolute Uninstaller Portable:

1. Download the Absolute Uninstaller Setup file (ausetup.exe)
2. Download Universal Extractor and unRaR it's contents to a folder on your desktop
3. (1) Drag and Drop ausetup.exe onto UniExtract.exe (2) Click OK

FreeRaser – Portable File Shredder

FreeRaser is a Free Portable tool that can be used to shred, destroy and permanently delete files from your computer. FreeRaser allows you to select from one of three methods to shred data.

Method 1: Fast destruction utilizes a single round, filling the space with random data. Method 2: Forced destruction utilizes 3 rounds of filling according to DoD 5220.22M standard.
Method 3: Ultimate destruction utilizes 35 rounds of filling with data according to Guttman algorithm.

FreeRaser is easy to use. Simply drag the file or folder you wish to shred and delete over the FreeRaser trash bin and the software does the rest.